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Questions involving paternity lawsuits can be difficult to resolve on your own. At the Law Offices of Willow T. Head, we help mothers and fathers know what their rights are as a parent and work towards a resolution, keeping in the mind the best interest of the child. We are dedicated to building a trusting relationship with our clients, listening to their concerns and answering their questions.

Paternity is the bedrock of a variety of cases involving children. Paternity actions involve custody, parenting time and the financial support of children. We are here to help and to protect your interests.

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State Paternity Action

When a mother is receiving support from the state, she is required to provide the name of the father so the state can seek reimbursement. In these situations, the alleged father can request a paternity test at the state’s expense. An experienced attorney is vital in these matters to protect the interests of a potential father and ensure that accurate information is used to protect a father’s rights.

Private Actions

Private paternity actions are usually the result of an unmarried couple breaking up after having a child together. Whether a mother is seeking support or a father is seeking custody and visitation rights, the guidelines here are the same as in divorce actions. If a father denies paternity, a request can be made for paternity testing.

In paternity actions, our firm can request to obtain retroactive child support , as well as medical expenses incurred as a result of the child’s birth. If you are looking for ways to minimize the financial impact of these issues, contact us today to discuss your paternity needs with a skilled attorney.

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