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Modifications and Enforcement of Court Orders

Nebraska Child Custody Modification Attorney

At the Law Offices of Willow T. Head, P.C., L.L.C., we understand that family situations change. Whether you need a reduction in child support or a change in your parenting time schedule, our firm can help. We are dedicated to providing you with the answers you need.

If you want to modify or enforce a child support order or child custody agreement, contact our Omaha family law firm to schedule an appointment with an experienced attorney.


Alimony, child support and child custody modifications are not as simple as filing a paper with the court. While a modification is not as complicated as a divorce, it is not something that can be finished within a few days.

At the Law Offices of Willow T. Head, attorney Head can help you with modifications to:
  • Child support orders: Although child support guidelines provide a baseline, the amount of support you are ordered to pay can be modified if there has been a material change in your circumstances, such as a job loss.
  • Child custody and visitation agreements: A child custody and visitation agreement may be modified for a number of reasons, including a parent seeking to relocate out of the area , a change in the child's needs, or a change to a parent's situation.
  • Alimony: A court may modify a spousal support agreement if there has been a significant change to the situation of one of the parties.
You need an experienced modification attorney to help you prepare a strong case to the family law judge about why your original order should be modified. At the Law Offices of Willow T. Head, we will answer your questions about modifications and start the process. We understand your situation and will zealously represent you throughout your case.

Enforcement of Support

When a parent is not paying the child support required of them, it can take a financial and emotional toll on the life of the custodial parent. With more than 10 years of child support enforcement experience, we can help you get the child support you deserve.

We can bring a contempt charge against the noncomplying parent. If the parent continues to avoid payment under the court order, he or she may be sanctioned by the court with:
  • Fines
  • Attorneys' fees
  • Jail time
If you need to have your child custody, support or alimony enforced or modified, contact our family law firm to speak with an experienced Omaha, Nebraska, child support enforcement and modification attorney.